New Album “Samsara”

“Rani creates textured symphonic rock blended with traditional eastern instrumentation and moving lyrics relevant to today’s struggles and then tops it off with some heavier, almost-metal riffing that will forcibly remove your posterior from your chair.” ~ Marty Dorfman AKA The Prog Doctor, House of Prog

The Team Behind “Samsara”

“Samsara” a new full length album by Rani Chatoorgoon. It is a diary of Rani’s experiences, her observations on human behaviour and an expression of her thoughts on world events. This self-funded project commenced in December 2015 in a small studio in Toronto, Canada. Released in October 2016, “Samsara” is the biggest and most ambitious studio project Rani’s undertaken to date. Music by Rani Chatoorgoon and Gerry Mosby. Lyrics by Rani Chatoorgoon. Vocals, harmonium and acoustic guitar by Rani Chatoorgoon.

All songs registered SOCAN.

Music in Belgium review of “Samsara”

Translated from French:“These beautiful songs are at once progressive and Oriental, which combines excellent orchestration and female vocals flawlessly, offered here by a true artist. The marriage of East and rock is a great success…”                               ~ Philippe Thirionet
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Painted Bass Records review of “Samsara” (9/10)

Translated from German: “The Canadian daringly combines different genres, the music never comes across as incoherent or without a concept…The symbiosis of Indian music and western rock also works beautifully…She [Rani] surely qualifies for a successful musical career with this great album.”



Xymphonia review of “Samsara”

Translated from Dutch: “…inserting her Indian background excellently distinguishes her, weaving a hypnotic and addictive atmosphere across the album.”
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Rock Cult Pub review of “Samsara” (9/10)

Translated from Russian: “…a great job with seemingly incompatible genres.” ~Darius Barkov
Full review here.



ProfilProg review of “Samsara” (8.9/10)

Translated from French: “Rani Chatoorgoon is unknown to me but what a discovery I have just made. Her voice is beautiful sometimes it’s like an angel sings and it goes well with the musical style.” ~ Louis Hamel
Full review here.


Music Waves Media review of “Samsara” (4/5)

Translated from French: “Samsara is a mix of traditional Indian music and rock a la Nightwish or the Cranberries, an album where Rani Chatoorgoon avoids falling into the trap of the cliché often backed by this type of music, thus creating an invitation to travel and escape.”
Full review here.