Rani’s journey has taken her across the world in search of the inspiration, musicians and artists who could help breathe life into her sound vision – a hybrid of symphonic rock and Indian instrumental and melodic composition. This is her music. This is her story.

Born in North York, Canada to immigrants from Trinidad & Tobago, Rani Chatoorgoon grew up in the small town of Deep River in northeastern Ontario. With ancestral roots originating in India, Rani’s upbringing was filled with the music and culture of her lineage and at the age of four, she taught herself to play the harmonium (an Indian reed-based keys instrument) and sing the traditional songs of that culture in Hindi and Sanskrit.

At sixteen, still thirsting for musical knowledge, Rani picked up a guitar and began teaching herself the fundamentals. Compelled by an urgent need to express her own thoughts and emotions through music, Rani began writing songs in her early twenties. Her observations of people, their dark and light sides, of world events and their consequences was, and continues to be, her inspiration when writing.

Sonically, Rani has developed a unique hybrid style that combines her love of symphonic rock with the melodies and instruments of her Indian ancestry. As broadly as she has traveled, Rani’s music has been influenced by a variety of artists including Evanescence, Within Temptation, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennitt, Massive Attack, Led Zeppelin, Lata Mangeshkar, A.R. Rahman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

As Rani’s exposure to the world continued, she amassed a collection of songs which would culminate in the self-funded and produced album, “Illusions of Loneliness” (2009). This very humble and amateur effort allowed Rani to connect personally with Ruud Jolie, the lead guitarist for Within Temptation. This friendship led to a collaboration on the single “Weightless Blood” (2011) and a self-produced EP of the same title in 2012.

Rani’s quest to grow musically motivated her relocation to the heart of Europe in 2012. While simultaneously juggling a senior marketing role at the Coca-Cola Company, Rani continued her musical education, engaging a vocal coach (Marcela Bovio of Stream of Passion) and releasing a single, “Nightshade” (2014) under the guidance of acclaimed Dutch composer and producer, Joost Van den Broek (After Forever, Epica). In December 2015, Rani resigned from her corporate marketing career and returned to Canada to begin production on a full-length album, “Samsara”